Daily Experts: A Student Engaging Classroom Technique

It is very important to engage students as much as possible into the education process. One way to do this is with "daily experts." The "daily experts" technique helps to break the ice and ensures that students will have at least one opportunity to speak in front of the class.

The instructor picks several students (4-6 - depending on the size of the class) prior to the start of the class period and puts the students names on a PowerPoint slide. It is best to ask questions on the prior class lecture as a short review at the beginning of class to help build confidence in the "daily experts." The "experts" are asked to give their answers and then it an be opened up to the entire class for discussion.

This technique encourages class attendance and continual review of the material. In addition, the technique allows the opportunity for students to learn one another's names and learn from others' experiences and get a different perspective on the class material.

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